“You’ll most likely be watching this through your fingers” – Des Partridge, Courer Mail 


Storage tells the story of Jimmy, a young man of 17, who is bereft and alone after the brutal murder of his father. Burdened by grief, he goes to live with his Uncle Leonard, an ex SAS officer, who runs a below-ground storage facility in the city. While exploring the maze of corridors with co-worker Zia, Jimmy comes across a deeply disturbed man, Francis, who seems to be storing evidence of a crime in his storage unit. Shockingly, Jimmy and Leonard discover - in a red drum barrel at the back of the unit - clear evidence that Francis is a murderer. Horrified, they track Francis down and confront him. Once inside Francis' home, they discover the situation is not as simple as they believed. They realise that once you start down a dark road, it's almost impossible to turn back.